Concussion Detection and Diagnosis


We didn’t expect it but it certainly makes sense -  Solutions Eng has become a key resource in the detection and diagnosis of concussion. Our core expertise in sensors, signal processing, medical devices, wireless communication and low power electronics enable us to meet the goals of this complex and rapidly evolving marketplace.

Solutions Engineering is adept in:

  • Leading edge sensing technology: temperature, pressure, motion, electro-optics, sound, …
  • Tight design of electronics and software to achieve extremely low power, high performance math, and wireless connectivity
  • Very complex electronics and software
  • Fast paced innovation and flexibility for emerging startups

Some of our projects we can talk about – others are still quite confidential.

We can talk about our work with Prevent Biometrics!

Prevent is the first real-time head impact monitoring technology:


Other projects we are currently working on involve the diagnosis of a concussion. The internet is overflowing with the concerns and research efforts involved in concussion diagnosis.

However, this current work is just too sensitive to talk about right now – we’ll update our news page as soon as the client is ready to go public!

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