Concussion Detection and Diagnosis


We didn’t expect it but it certainly makes sense -  Solutions Eng has become a key resource in the detection and diagnosis of concussion. Our core expertise in sensors, signal processing, medical devices, wireless communication and low power electronics enable us to meet the goals of this complex and rapidly evolving marketplace.

Solutions Engineering is adept in:

  • Leading edge sensing technology: temperature, pressure, motion, electro-optics, sound, …
  • Tight design of electronics and software to achieve extremely low power, high performance math, and wireless connectivity
  • Very complex electronics and software
  • Fast paced innovation and flexibility for emerging startups

Some of our projects we can talk about – others are still quite confidential.

We can talk about our work with Prevent Biometrics!

Prevent is the first real-time head impact monitoring technology:


Other projects we are currently working on involve the diagnosis of a concussion. The internet is overflowing with the concerns and research efforts involved in concussion diagnosis.

However, this current work is just too sensitive to talk about right now – we’ll update our news page as soon as the client is ready to go public!

Visit Prevent Biometrics’ website here »

CADence Coronary Blockage Detection Device Success


Solutions Engineering is proud to congratulate their long time client, AUM Cardiovascular, on receiving European regulatory approval earlier this year and successfully raising $5 million in equity financing for their CADence coronary blockage detection device.

CADence 2CADence 3

Solutions Engineering  was a major player in the development of the CADence device. Working alongside the award winning industrial design team at MNML, Solutions Engineering delivered the complete package of electronics and software design. This package encompassed everything from the very first prototype to the build of clinical study devices.


Not only was Solutions Engineering a large part of the development of the device, but SE was instrumental in the certification process. Their cost effective “Design Controls” process enabled the device and its documentation to pass their ISO13485 audit with honors. The auditor referred to the software methods and documentation as “some of the best I’ve ever seen.”


Solutions Engineering wishes AUM Cardiovascular continued successes as CADence rolls out to the U.S. market following its upcoming U.S. regulatory approval.


CADence 5


Lightbulb Moment: Ultra Thin, Flexible, Wearable Electronics


Lightbulb Moment


John Rogers, a researcher at the University of Illinois, has developed a series of ultra thin, flexible, wearable electronics. These electronics are so thin they are unnoticed by the wearer likening them to tattoos. Most recently Rogers has put these electronics to use as an elite wearable thermometer than constantly measures body temperature to the precision of a millikelvin. The electronics look like a small barcode and they are attached to the skin using water soluble glue. “The device can watch how heat flows through the bloodstream, or see how the dilation and constriction of blood vessels subtly alters the temperature around them.”

Eelctronic tattoo


Are you considering the development of a wearable medical device? Let’s talk. Solutions Engineering developed a wearable, smart drug delivery patch way back in 2006.

Lightbulb Moment: 3 Dimensional Projection


Lightbulb Moment

Have you ever been conversing with someone via video chat and really felt the distance between you. Sometimes facial and body expression get lost in translation even over video calling. Well, the Human Media Lab of Queen’s University in Canada has come up with a way to 3 Dimensionally project video calls using Kinect. Their setup, nicknamed TeleHuman, uses Microsoft Kinect sensors to transmit several points on the body and a 3D projector to make it feel like you are face to face with your call recipient. You can even walk completely behind them giving you a complete 360 degree view.

'TeleHuman' uses Kinect for 3D holographic chat, bumps up options for contacting Obi-Wan (video)

A sub research group has taken this technology one step further and created BodiPod. The 3D cylindrical anatomical rendering of the human body is a full size display for the user to explore. As the user interacts using in air gestures or voice commands they can virtually “peel” off layers of body to explore deeper into the human body.

Is this light bulb popping on for you yet? What an amazing technology that could have so many users within the medical device and consumer world. Just think, NO COMMUTE! Contact Us if you want to talk through your idea.

Solutions Engineering Never Before Revealed Facts


Business People courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Did you know that in our product development space we have:

  • 10,000 square feet  of office, assembly and machine shop space
  • 20 engineers, technicians and machinists

Oh the stories we could tell… Contact Us.

Lightbulb Moment: No More Needles


Lightbulb MomentDiabetes is a disease that affects 29.1 million Americans (9.3% of the population.) If you ask any of these millions of people what is one of the worst parts of having diabetes, I’m sure they would say the needles and the scars from the needles. Dance Biopharm has come up with a solution to eliminate those needles: Inhalable Insulin. Dance BioPharm’s Dance-501 is an innovative, handheld, non-invasive delivery system of insulin they hope to bring to users worldwide in the near future.


In April, just prior to their IPO, Dance BioPharm was featured on

“The Dance-501 has completed a Phase I/II trial in Type I diabetics and a Phase II trial in Type 2 diabetics. The Company plans to initiate a global Phase 3 clinical trial in early 2015 and to pursue regulatory approvals, initially for type 2 diabetes in adults, in the European Union, United States and China. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has indicated that a single global, one-year, Phase 3 trial involving 750 adult patients may be adequate to support approval of Dance-501 in the European Union.”


In the past year, Solutions Engineering has had the privilege of supporting Dance Biopharm with engineering services. Click here to learn more about Dance Biopharm.

SE’s Client AUM Cardiovascular Featured


Congratulations are in order for Solutions Engineering client AUM Cardiovascular. AUM was recently featured in Fast Company’s Design is Changing How We Stay Healthy series. The article, A Small Heart Monitor Listens Big, highlights the creation of the CADence device.

Solutions Engineering provided the system design, electronics, and software engineering for the CADence Coronary Blockage Detection Device (see it under Featured Projects on our home page.)


Learn more about Aum Cardiovascular here.

Lightbulb Moment: Hospital Hack


Lightbulb Moment


With every technological advance problems like hacking crop up along the way. Hackers were able to steal millions of patient records at a major network hospital by taking advantage of Heartbleed, the infamous, but easily fixable defect in the way information is securely communicated. While Heartbleed is a known bug, it was up to the hospital to fix the problem.

“Major companies are typically slow to update their systems — even in critical situations — because they lose track of their hardware.”

Do you have a working system that need a once over? Do you have old devices connected to your network that you don’t touch because to system as a whole is working?